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Facilities Supervisor

Under the supervision of the Manager of Facilities and Director of Facilities, the Supervisor directs and participates in the maintenance, repair, upkeep, and documentation of the facility systems, and components, with the direction of the Facilities Manager and Director of Facilities. The Supervisor will also have the responsibility of being the “Engineer in Charge” of the hospital's boiler room and its components. The Supervisor is responsible for the preventative maintenance program and maintenance work request programs. The Supervisor will assist in project management of space renovations, additions, and building structure inspections. The incumbent will be responsible for shared on-call response to the facility for emergencies on a 24-hour a day, seven day a week rotation. In the absence of the Facilities Manager and Director of Facilities, the Supervisor assumes primary responsibility for the overall management of the facility. 

  •  Communicates and enforces the system-wide Corporate Compliance program for Mayo Hospital 
  • Reports any potential or real ethical, legal or regulatory violations to the Corporate Compliance Officer 
  • Encourages staff to report Corporate Compliance issues directly or through the Mayo compliance line. 
  • Assists with investigations into alleged violations, and the development and implementation of disciplinary and/or corrective action as indicated. 
  • Continually assesses the department for compliance with all federal, state, local and other regulatory requirements. 
  • Completes annual staff training, ensuring staff understanding of participation in the above Monitors Staff Performance 
  • Ensures work is completed in a timely manner and quality basis. 
  • Directs and assures compliance with all City, State, and Federal codes.
  • Assist the Facilities Manager and Director of Facilities to complete annual performance evaluations. 
  • Monitors contractors to assure product and work quality. 
  • Maintains Scheduling and Work Assignments Employment Management 
  • Assists the Facilities Manager and Director of Facilities with recruitment and hiring.
  • Ensures that performance management process is properly maintained according to established hospital and department policies Maintain the Budget 
  • Assists in preparing the annual budget. 
  • Participates in planning and budgeting for expansion and renovation. 
  • Maintains budget controls. 
  • Maintains stock inventories and orders special project supplies. 
  • Maintains purchase order and cost records for all renovations and expansion projects. 
  • Works with vendors and contractors for cost effective prices and/or bids 
  • Conducts Training Conducts Training 
  • Performs new hire department orientation. 
  • Performs in-service training and safety education. 
  • Guides employee on the job training 
  • Performs Additional Duties as Required or Assigned 
  • Other Duties 
Other Information:
  • Required Driver's License
  • Required Stationary Steam Engineer
  • Required associate degree.
Required Experience
  • 2 year/years of Leadership Experience
  • 3 year/years of Relevant Work Experience

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