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Pharmacist - Pharmacy Supervisor

Posted: 01/23/2024

Under the general supervision of the Regional Director of Pharmacy, responsible for supervising and coordinating the pharmacy technician staff. Additional functions will include, but are not limited to, administrative responsibilities, quality improvement, and instruction of new employees and students. Works as a staff pharmacist in accordance with the Pharmacist job description.
? Perform supervisory functions: - Conduct job interviews of prospective technician candidates - Make hiring and firing decisions - Discipline pharmacy technician staff, if required - Conduct performance appraisals - Handle complaints from or about pharmacy technician staff - Make, adjust, and direct work assignments ? Perform administrative functions: - Develop, implement, and manage the department staffing schedule - Conduct orientation training program for new pharmacy employees - Develop, implement, and manage the system of information flow and communication to/from the pharmacy staff - Reports regularly to the Regional Director of Pharmacy on matters relating to the supervision of the pharmacy technician staff - Assists Regional Director of Pharmacy with related department budget preparation and reporting - Ensure related department regulatory, accreditation and safety compliance - Participates in related department quality assurance/improvement activities - Participates with the Regional Director of Pharmacy and others in short-and long-range strategic planning, setting department goals and objectives, and problem resolution. - Utilizes knowledge and understanding of underlying operational issues to provide assistance and support to the Regional Director of Pharmacy in administrative problem solving, project planning and management, and development and execution of department programs and projects. - Participates in development, implementation and maintenance of policies and procedures; assists with development and implementation of projects and programs to accomplish established department goals. - Leads and guides the work of subordinates, as assigned; may participate in training, competency assessment, and performance evaluation sessions. - Assists the Regional Director of Pharmacy in maintaining a positive and effective working relationship with nurses, physicians, department heads, administrators, and co-workers; provides related customer service assistance to department visitors and guests. ? Perform the duties and functions of a staff pharmacist. Maintain a safe environment for healthcare workers, patients, and/or visitors complying with NLH policies and procedures; review, document and address all incidents and safety violations within area of responsibility; report all lost time due to reported work injuries within 24 hours to local HR BP or Safety contact; support and facilitate open and non-punitive communication among NLH employees, non-employed healthcare workers, patients and visitors, reporting and addressing patient and environmental safety concerns. • Serves as registered Pharmacist in Charge for Northern Light – Mayo Hospital with the Maine Board of Pharmacy The job elements outlined above reflect the general duties and responsibilities considered necessary to describe the principal functions of this position and shall not be considered as a complete detailed description of all of the work requirements that may be inherent in this position. 

  • Required Registered Pharmacist
  • Required bachelor's degree

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