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Medical Assistant - Milo

Posted: 12/31/2023

Eligible for the MA signing incentive of $2,000. 



The Medical Assistant provides day-to-day clinical support. The Medical Assistant performs administrative and patient care duties to assist the medical staff in the examination and treatment of patients and will provide some clinical occupational health services independently, such as such as urine collection, spirometry screening, hearing screening, and immunizations, commensurate with training and competencies. The Medical Assistant will provide administrative support when needed, assisting with patient scheduling, registration, and referrals. This position is also responsible for managing patient records and will serve as a liaison between the patient, client, and practitioners.


Assists in the examination and treatment of a patient, under the direction of a licensed provider. Conducts occupational health services that include, but are not limited to: pre-placement exams, vaccination reviews, urine collection, spirometry, hearing screening, vision screening, phlebotomy and fit testing, commensurate with certifications. Administers immunizations/injections. Assists provider, as directed, in splinting, wound care and other minor office procedures. Obtains and maintains required certifications and competencies to perform occupational health services. Maintains patient health records, ensuring proper documentation for quality patient care, safety, and data tracking. Notifies patient of applicable results, communicating recommendations of diagnostic tests, as instructed by the practitioner. Orders medical supplies as needed. Assists with front desk responsibilities, as needed. Performs calibration of all occupational health medical devices, as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) guidelines. Demonstrates awareness of and adherence to legal requirements pertinent to occupational and employee health and safety. Knowledge of OSHA and Worker’s Compensation rules and demonstrates compliance with. Maintains patient confidentiality with patients and fellow employees. Seeks assistance, guidance and direction when unsure of procedures and protocols in performance of duties. Demonstrates safe behavior in all aspects of the job. Performs all other duties as assigned.

Other Information:

Medical Assistant course required. MA certification required within 6 months of hire.


  • Required High School Diploma/General Educational Development (GED)Medical Assistant course required as well as MA certification within 6 months of hire.

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